On December 11, 2017, 9:30 was held the public conference for launching of the project. The conference was organised at Villa Niscemi, one of the most known and historical venues in Palermo. The theme of the conference was “To be different – to be equal”.  

The topics at the conference were related to the role of the third millennium community, the challenges of the Mediterranean cities and how to face them.

At the event participated the Mayor of Palermo Mr. Leoluca Orlando, which explained the key role of cities in a globalized context in which it is necessary to guarantee the local dimension. The aim of the Amina project is to be, indeed, that of valorising the Mediterranean regional dimension and, to this end, the cities of Palermo and Algiers to be the strategic actors of this Cooperation Project.

Other participatns included

  • Abdelhakim BETTACHE Presient of the Municipality Council of Alger Centre
  • S.E. Hassan ABOUYOUB Kingdom of Marocco Ambassador in Italy
  • S.E. ABDELHAMID SENOUCI BEREKSI -Ambassador in Italy of Algeria.
  • Antonio RAGONESI – ANCI Roma (Association of Italian Municipalities)
  • Simonetta PAGANINI – “Head Decentralised Co-operation Dep.” at ANCI Roma Adham DARAWSHA ex-President Council of Culture –Palermo