A delegation composed by the working group of the project “AMINA – Women Leaders in the Governance of the Algerian Civil Society”, carried out a mission in Algiers to make contact with the various actors involved in the project (Touiza Volunteer Association of the Wilaya of Algiers and the local authorities of the Municipality of Algiers).

The objectives of the mission were:

  • Contact the NGO TOUIZA;
  • Meet and inform the authorities of the Municipality of Algiers about the project;
  • Define certain aspects of the AMINA project;
  • Inform about the next project launching event in Palermo;

More over the working group met Mr. Abdelhakim Bettache, Mayor of the Municipality of Algiers in order to discuss the implementation of the project. The delegation appreciated the Mayor’s full support for the project’s content, which is one of the priorities of the Algiers City Council, and is therefore in line with the Algerian Government’s policy in this area. During the meeting, the Mayor constantly highlighted the importance of women involvement in the socio-economic development of Algeria. For this purpose, to give a bust to the continuation of the project and its sustainability was decided to put in contact the Mayor of Algiers with the one of Palermo.