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NGO Capacity Builging Program in Lebanon

Last January 2012, the Lebanese Development Network has promoted an important project in the framework of “NGO Capacity Building Program”. Here’s their description of the project: “as part of the CEP expansion strategy to cater for all training needs of the Lebanese business community, LDN will be celebrating the launching of the ‘Capacity Building Program for Non-Profits’ during the inauguration ...

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ARCI CULTURA E SVILUPPO, Chantiers de travail volontaire en Tunisie

The Italian association “ARCI Cultura e SVILUPPO” organizes voluntary work camps in Tunisia in Gafsa area. Volunteers have to to help the local partner of the village of Jbelsaned in daily activities. There will be two main activities: the restructuring of an oil mill and a local museum. You can register by June, 14th, as indicated on the site (Volontariato ...

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JUSTES COMBATS – Centre des jeunes dirigeants d’entreprise

The Centre for young business leaders informed us that the French counterpart iscurrently organizing the “JUSTES COMBATS”, 34th Congress of CJD France, on June 28 and 29 in Montpellier. “The Congress of CJD France are genuine moments of relaxation and emotional release, but also training and networking between Young Leaders of the whole world. The congress have an exceptional quality, guests ...

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FutEur Project: the exchange of best practices for People help the People

People help the People is working on several projects, such as FutEur Project, aimed at sustaining a smart sustainable and inclusive growth, through the exchange of best practices in ITC and integrating immigrated communities. The project is led by County Meath VOcational Educational Committee (Ireland) and involves: Instituto de Formaciòn Integral , S.L.U. (Spain), SYNTHESIS Centre for Research & Education ...

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The role of women in rural areas in Albania

ALCDF’s is working in four regions of Albania and focuses on Tourism, Agriculture, Forestry and Local Government sectors, where about 70% of the stable populations are women, who are the main labor force, as most men have migrated outside these regions.   The ALCDF’s Partnerships for Innovation Fund (P4I) is aimed at improving living conditions for women in rural areas. Its ...

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“Europe on the Ground” was awarded first prize at the 2012 Charlemagne Youth Prize

“Europe on the Ground”, a Babel International youth media project, was awarded first prize at the 2012 Charlemagne Youth Prize ceremony on 15 May in Aachen. The Charlemagne Youth Prize is awarded annually to projects that foster a shared sense of European identity and integration among young people. Cafebabel Roma, Cafebabel Greece and Babel Espana Communication, which are partners of ...

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