Euro-Mediterranean news

PALERMO workshop organized by MEDITER on July 1st 2016

  CLICK HERE to view the full program of Palermo meeting taking place from June 29th to July 2nd 2016.   CLICK HERE to view all participants, main topics of discussion and duration of sessions.

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BRUSSELS workshop organized by MEDITER on June 28th 2016

  Please CLICK HERE to view the full program of Brussels meeting scheduled for 28/06/2016.

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Iraqi Authorities from occupied Mosul and Kurdish Representatives from Erbil in visit to Brussels

Next week the official delegation of authorities from Ninive Region and Kurdish authorities from Erbil will take part to the international workshop organised by MEDITER, Euro-Mediterranean Network for Cooperation. Monday 27th June the President of Ninawa Governorate Council and Representatives of the Municipality of Mosul will make their first official visit to Brussels together with Kurdish authorities from Erbil. The ...

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UfM to enhance regional cooperation on climate change at COP21

The UfM Secretariat  Union for the Mediterranean) has organised, with the support of the European Union, an event during the COP21which was held in Paris in December 2015. The event aimed to put UfM as a facilitator to put into operation the provisions of the Paris declaration. It was also be an opportunity for France, current COP Presidency, and Morocco, ...

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DIAMED, the project to support the creation of businesses and investment by the diasporas

On 29 December 2015 DiaMed, a regional project supported by the EU, published a retrospective of the highlights of its activity at mid-term and its goals for 2016. DiaMed aims to promote the commitment of institutional and local economic players, the involvement of the diasporas and the realisation of the full potential of the Maghreb’s young graduates while encouraging a ...

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EBRD : promotion of Jordanian women empowerment through economic projects

On 29 of December 2015, the EBRD presented a video on its work to promote women entrepreneurs in Jordan. The Bank is involved with the “Jordanian Microfund for Women” to provide finance to women entrepreneurs and to encourage more women to become an active part of Jordan’s growing economy. Among several examples, the video tells the story of Raeda Jaryan, who has ...

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