Rita El Khayat interviewed by Mediter

Rita (Ghita) El Khayat will partecipate at the debate organised by Mediter Network, at 8 th of May in Brussels, entitled “Les femmes de la mediterranée entre le printemps arabe et les crises”. Before the debate, she has been interviewed by Tiziana Sforza, journalist of Mediter network. What role did women play during the “arab spring”? Women were in streets ...

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Panorama des cinémas du Maghreb et du Moyen-Orient / Panorama of Maghreb and Middle-East cinemas

The 7th Panorama of Maghreb and Middle East cinemas, held in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis from 3 to 13 May 2012, will allow spectators to discover movies from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, but also Egypt, Palestine or Lebanon. This 7th Panorama of Maghreb and Middle East cinemas will include screenings, meetings with directors and professionals, round tables, concerts and many other ...

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PalFest, a travelling cultural festival in Palestine

The Palestine Festival of Literature will be held in Gaza from the 4th to the 9th of May with a closing event in Cairo on the 9th. PalFest is an annual, travelling cultural festival. The festival also aims at bringing Palestinian and international artists together for audiences across Palestine. For further information

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Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean – Working for youth

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean participated at the Ninth Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition – DIHAD, in Dubai (1-3 April, 2012). The theme for the DIHAD 2012 Conference was The Role and Importance of Youth in Humanitarian Assistance and Developmen. PAM was represented by Hon. Najima Thay Thay Rhozali, former Member of Parliament and Secretary of State ...

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Launch of the Mediterranean Migration Network

What are the common challenges faced by EU member states in the Mediterranean region? How can EU member states better learn from each other? These and other key issues will be addressed by the newly-established Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN). The network’s aim is to promote collaboration and exchange of ideas and practices among public and private stakeholders that are active in ...

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Eight priotities for the Cyprus Presidency – Gender Equality

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) has published its eight priorities for the Cypriot Presidency in the area of gender equality. On July 1st 2012, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) will pass from Denmark to Cyprus. The European Women’s Lobby calls on the forthcoming Cypriot Presidency to be a driving force for women’s rights in Europe especially ...

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