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UfM Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change

The Union for the Mediterranean Ministerial will organise the Ministerial Meeting on Environment and Climate Change on 13 May 2014, in Athens, Greece. The main topics of this Ministerial Meeting will be the Horizon 2020 Initiative to de-pollute the Mediterranean, the climate change, the sustainable consumption and production (SCP). The outcomes of other related processes, namely the United Nations Conference ...

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Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award 2014

Journalists from the written press, television, radio and new media, citizens of the 42 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean, are invited to submit their work until 31 May 2014 to take part inthe 8th edition of the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award. Submitted works should tackle intercultural issues between and within Euro-Mediterranean societies. Works could have been published ...

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LOGISMED Training Activities

In December 2013 the project LOGISMED Training Activities (LOGISMED-TA) entered its implementation phase. The UfM Secretariat will now assume monitoring duties, as foreseen in the project lifecycle of the UfM Secretariat. The project was launched in Barcelona in June 2013. LOGISMED-TA is promoted by the European Investment Bank and funded by the European Commission and the Deauville Partnership Fund. It ...

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Women’s rights – a look at how Europe’s media treats the issue

Coinciding with celebrations of the Tunisian revolution, the constituent assembly in Tunis has reconfirmed in the constitution the principle of equality between men and women.France 2 Men and women in Saudi Arabia is a completely different story. The rights of women here are very limited. Swiss SRF1. In Afghanistan, the withdrawal of foreign troops has seen a rise in brutality against ...

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Outcomes and prospects of the Istanbul-Marrakech process

We are pleased to publish the main outcomes of the “Euromed Civil Forum” focused on “Gender Equality”, which has been held in Brussels on the 3 and 4 September 2013 At the initiative of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) and the Euro- Mediterranean Non-Governmental Platform (ENGP), and in partnership with the European Feminist Initiative (IFE-EFI), 85 organisations met in Brussels ...

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North Africa: Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia

More news from IEMed website! Look at their website The new Islamic political actors in North Africa, along with international Islamic financial institutions, are participating from today in Barcelona in the conference “Economic Agendas of Islamic Actors”, organised by the IEMed. The objective of the conference is to explore the policies with which to guarantee a successful economic transition ...

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