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Trees and blooms in Jordan – publications of the Jordan River Foundation

As described in the website (, Jordan River Foundation has implemented a 18-month project, together with the Forestry Department and the Watershed Management Project/GTZ at the Ministry of Agriculture, aimed at generating awareness about the existence of historical trees in Jordan. Field studies and research were conducted on about 500 trees throughout the kingdom. The project is funded by the ...

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FutEur Project: the exchange of best practices for People help the People

The association “People help the People” is working on several projects, such as FutEur Project, aimed at sustaining a smart sustainable and inclusive growth, through the exchange of best practices in ITC and integrating immigrated communities. The project is led by County Meath VOcational Educational Committee (Ireland) and involves: Instituto de Formaciòn Integral , S.L.U. (Spain), SYNTHESIS Centre for Research ...

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ALCDF’s projects for women in rural areas of Albania

ALCDF’s is working in four regions of Albania and focuses on Tourism, Agriculture, Forestry and Local Government sectors, where about 70% of the stable populations are women, who are the main labor force, as most men have migrated outside these regions. The ALCDF’s Partnerships for Innovation Fund (P4I) is aimed at improving living conditions for women in rural areas. Its ...

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CAWTAR, several meetings for “Young Women and Political Participation in Tunisia: informal mobilizat

A validation workshop will be held 18 May, 2012 in Tunis with the aim to present, discuss and evaluate the primary results of the study “Young Women and Political Participation in Tunisia: informal mobilization and institutional participation pacing the way for future actions” funded by the Canadian IDRC (International Development Research Center). In the framework of the same project, some ...

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Safadi Foundation USA announced Safadi scholar of the YEA

The Safadi Foundation USA (SFUSA), the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy (ARD) at Stanford University and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) announced the winners of the first annual Safadi-Stanford Initiative for Policy Innovation (SSIPI). The title of Safadi Scholar of the Year has been awarded to Katarina Uherova Hasbani, an energy policy expert at the American University ...

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Les Femmes de la Mediterranées entre le printemps arabe et les crises

The convention entitled “Les Femmes de la Mediterranées entre le printemps arabes et les crises” will be held on the 8th of May at the European Parliament, in Brussels, at 6,30 p.m. The event is organised by Euromediter. Fur further information, please contact miss Letizia Orlandi ( within the 26th of April 2012.

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