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ILO World of Work Report 2012

The ILO launches its annual report “World of Work Report 2012: Better Jobs for a Better Economy”. The new study examines the performance of different countries since the start of the global crisis through the prism of the quantity and quality of jobs. In particular, the report states women and youth are disproportionately affected by unemployment and job precariousness. For ...

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Gendered Impacts of Globalization: Employment & Social Protection

A paper entitled “Gendered Impacts of Globalization: Employment & Social Protection” has been published by United Nations – Research Institute for Social Development. It reviews evidence on how key aspects of globalization processes have impacted the real economy, in terms of employment and social conditions of work for women and men across a wide range of countries. This paper was ...

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‘Manual de lenguaje no sexista’

Last February, ACSUR (a non-governmental organization for development) published a curious manual, called “Manual de lenguaje no sexista” (Guide for a no sexist language). This inclusive language manual is a guide for the use of an inclusive language, a political gamble to bring attention to women. Language is a social construct and reflects gender prejudices still present in our culture and world vision. These prejudices are everywhere: in the macro and micro, in our daily practices, in our speeches, even ...

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Questionnaire to civil society on State Obligation and the Due Diligence Principle to Eliminate Viol

The questionnaire will be distributed to 6-10 CSOs/NGOs in approximately 30-40 countries. It aims to look into existing State measures and challenges encountered by CSOs/NGOs in their work to eliminate violence against women. The questionnaire will also probe civil society on its perception of State action in discharging its obligation; the effectiveness of these actions; and how they can be ...

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Zubiak Getxo Film Festival: 90 short-films against discrimination

90 works were presented to the first contest of short films for diversity and against discrimination. The Zubiak Getxo Film Festival is a new festival that has a focus on anti-racist films. The films have arrived to Getxo – the Basque country city organizing the contest- from different parts of the world including U.S.,UK, Germany and Turkey. The contest was held on March 28th and 29th, 2012  in the Cultural Hall of Villamonte, Getxo. Afvist (UK) has just won First Prize at Zubiak Festival. Afvist was ...

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UN special rapporteur housing report 2012 – Women & adequate housing

The UN has published a special housing report about “Women & adequate housing”. According to this text: 2. The recognition and realization of every woman‘s right to adequate housing is necessary to ensuring that every woman is able to live a life with dignity. For millions of women, it is the home which is the centre of daily life, and, ...

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