Euro-Mediterranean network for cooperation


Euro-Mediterranean network for cooperation

Mediter is the product of a European project but above is the product of cooperative efforts developed over many years of work by various partners working for many years in the Mediterranean region to reduce the imbalances, counter the conflicts, develop forms of solidarity and cooperation


MEDITER aims at establishing and strengthening a process of innovation and experimentation within which north/south and south/north cooperation is considered a strategic factor for development and peace. It is part of a process for strengthening local leadership, placing an emphasis on the role of women.

It focuses on having a double impact; on the one hand on European institutions and on another, on the population (particularly young women) from the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

MEDITER values the strategic role of human resources in linking cultures, knowledge and skills. It aims, in addition, to stimulate socio-cultural exchange between the countries bordering the Mediterranean by relying on the common cultural heritage.

It facilitates synergies between the local and the global.

It reinforces the construction of a regional identity, maintains a dialectic relationship between Europe and the Mediterranean, by collaborating with all the cultures of the Mediterranean region, towards openness and international exchange.

In this context, MEDITER therefore acts to promote the development of cooperation relations between the countries bordering the Mediterranean with the conviction that such relations represent a priority objective for the development of a common horizon of civilization.

For this reason, MEDITER solicits the membership of local authorities, non-governmental organizations, foundations, universities, small and medium sized enterprises and non-for-profit organizations in general, whether local or international.

The network’s goal is to develop democracy, peace and solidarity in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The rich intercultural of this network allows the promotion of citizen engagement of populations.

The international non-profit association MEDITER – Euro-Mediterranean network for cooperation has as its objectives:

–       The improvement of cooperation at the Euro-Mediterranean level in the economic, social, political and cultural domains with particular attention on the creation, support and reinforcement of women’s leadership within the Mediterranean basin, notably at the level of civil society organizations;

–  The creation of a network of actors that can promote the sharing and transfer of knowledge, strategic skills and good innovative practices in the Euro-Mediterranean space;

–   Active collaboration with European institutions and member states;

–  The launching of a process of co-development between countries from both sides of the Mediterranean, through supporting public and private actors for enhanced strategic planning taking into account the gender approach;

–   Education in a prospective approach to implement solutions and integrated policies in sustainable human development on both sides of the Mediterranean.

The network foresees different activities, such as:

–   Development of lobbying in order to drive policies that have a socially responsible impact on urban and territorial development

–   The promotion of exchange of experiences and good practices

–  The organization of training sessions notably targeting women involved in local authorities, association and NGO in the Euro-Mediterranean region

– Organization of events that foster synergies between different actors from universes, to contribute to the reduction of gender prejudice et reinforcement of exchange of ideas and good practices;

–  Constant training/information activities via different channels in order to ensure the sharing of all useful knowledge and information

–   Encourage the creation of international partnerships and the participation in the calls for proposal of the European Union and other national/international institutions linked to the statutory purpose;

– Organization of all other events or activities (conferences, debates, seminars, workshops, etc.) that can directly or indirectly contribute to the achievement of the stated objectives.


With these objectives, we salute the birth of the Mediterranean Network as a new tool for strengthening the powers of local leadership and improving the social condition of the region and with these hopes, we welcome about 50 partners who will arrive in Brussels on 8 May for attend the first meeting of the network and the debate on the crisis and the Arab spring judged from the the perspective of women of women.

Victor Matteucci