High-speed internet for new Africa-EU project

North African Neighbourhood partners will benefit from the launch of “AfricaConnect2”, a new €26 million EU-Africa project to provide dedicated high-speed internet all over the continent.
AfricaConnect2 will develop high-capacity internet networks across the entire African continent and connect them to the European GÉANT network. The project will allow students, researchers and academics in Africa and beyond to use a faster internet and to collaborate better. The connectivity boost will not only advance research and education locally with opportunities like e-learning and cloud computing, but it will equally benefit scientific studies the world over in areas such as climate change, biodiversity, food security, malaria and other infectious diseases.
The four regional partners of the project are ASREN, which has been connecting Northern Africa following the Mediterranean EUMEDCONNECT project. They will link up with African networks UbuntuNet Alliance and WACREN, in partnership with their European counterpart GÉANT.

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