‘Manual de lenguaje no sexista’

Last February, ACSUR (a non-governmental organization for development) published a curious manual, called “Manual de lenguaje no sexista” (Guide for a no sexist language). This inclusive language manual is a guide for the use of an inclusive language, a political gamble to bring attention to women. Language is a social construct and reflects gender prejudices still present in our culture and world vision. These prejudices are everywhere: in the macro and micro, in our daily practices, in our speeches, even in our way of occupying space. Sexist language hides, undervalues,subordinates and / or excludes women from many fields of the society. The inclusive language means the equal use of language, that consciously aims at promoting equitable and non-stereotyped images of people who addresses or concerns.

For reading the manual (Spanish version):

Source: ACSUR website.