Mediter and the wall of knowledge

by Victor Matteucci

Dear All,

I’am pleased to inform you that starting from now, this newsletter is sent both in English both in Arabic to all partners.
In the next weeks, the website will be translated totally into Arabic

In this way we want to improve our communication towards our network.

Mediter network, founded in 2011 with the support of the EU – EuropeAid after an initial “constitutive” phase – is becoming more and more important for number of partners (over 50) and for its capacity planning and its skills.

It promotes a real dialogue and a mutual communication among partners, providing for them several inputs and ideas related to participation in the Partnership to implement new projects and to provide information on EU activities and programs in Mediterranean region.

Our first goal is always working to contribute to a strengthening of cooperation and dialogue among countries of the Mediterranean region and the Middle East.

Furthermore, Mediter network aims at answering needs of regional instability management, helping to create an environment for the effective and democratic development, facilitating balanced relationships between North and South.

The set-up of the “social rating ” service is conceived to fight the weakness of competences of Local Authorities and to build up a regional strategy with qualified actors. Services provided aim at certifying the competences of networks and foundations working in that area, enhancing public administration in its role as “engines of development ” .

In addition – considering the limited access of young people and women to governance roles – the Mediter Network aims at encouraging the participation of young generations in local leaderships and at supporting women inclusion in the decision-making roles, in order to use their unexpressed potential of innovation and skills.

The Mediter network collects outputs and implements its mission in continuity with the project “Women for Change”, developed with Safadi Foundation in Lebanon, Cawtar in Tunisia and Graif in France.
Mediter is a network established thanks to the co-funding of the EU, as a supporting tool to encourage women to access and develop key-competences to new local leaderships of Mediterranean area .

The founding partners and other members of Mediter are NGOs, foundations of the Mediterranean Region that developed consistent expertise on gender issues, researchs and training activities, and support women in social inclusion processes.

At last, Mediter intends to use the theoretical approach formulated by the well-known economist Richard Florida, who stated that the success of the new economy is based on three strategic factors (“Theory of 3 T”: a democratic framework based on Tolerance, Training and caring about young people skilled, and Talent, in a context where innovation is deeply linked to technology).
This project of network, of course, intends to implement the results achieved with projects managed by each partners developing objectives and impacts and extending young people and women inclusion in the framework of SME networks, participation in local development processes.

The development of this process in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, the development of a knowledge economy and investments in the most strategic capital of the region (that are not oil deposits or gas deposits, but the talent, creativity and human resources) will give an effective prospective to this area.

In fact, we consider that the engine of development in the new millennium will be human resources and their level of knowledge, talent and skills.

Integration, inclusion or exclusion from the economic, social and cultural development in the next future will be determined by knowledge, skills and access to information.
What will divide “included” from “excluded” people is the wall of knowledge.

Mediter take position against the transfer of obsolete technology in the Mediterranean Region and against old models of development that produce only social environmental degradation and pollution, and a tendency to transform and degrade individuals from citizens to consumers “tout court”.

Growth of that region will be possible only developing an economy based on knowledge, strengthening skills and information, human resources and strategic competences that are transferred to the new generations to ensure processes of research, innovation and development and using cultural heritage and environment of the region .

This is the mission of Mediter.
Good luck to all of you.