Tribute to the Iraqi culture

Coherently with its mission to spread the Mediterranean culture and in the framework of activities related to the project Key People, Mediter pays tribute to Iraq by publishing photos of some of the wonders of the country, many of which irretrievably lost in February and March 2015.

The first episode was on 26 February: the ISIS has destroyed – throwing them to the ground or taking them with a hammer – statues, reliefs, relics of the ancient walls of Nineveh dating back almost 3000 years ago. It happened in Mosul, the name of the ancient Nineveh, the capital of the Ninawa Governorate city and stronghold of the Islamic Caliphate in Iraq. The news has gone around the world through a video during the action.
The video shows the militia of the Caliph in the museum of town while is destroying all the artifacts, some of them priceless.

The second incident took place in early March, when the militia ISIS razed with bulldozers the archaeological site of Nimrud, near Mosul. The piece of news was released by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Iraq with a post on its Facebook page.
ISIS is leading a campaign which aims at destroying the past in the name of an alleged Islamic purity carried out by militants of the Caliphate.
The action is based on ISIS fundamentalist doctrine, according to which any reproduction of human beings or animals, especially if depict gods.