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Iraqi Authorities from occupied Mosul and Kurdish Representatives from Erbil in visit to Brussels thanks to a EU-funded project

Next week the official delegation of authorities from Ninive Region and Kurdish authorities from Erbil will take part to the international workshop organised by MEDITER, Euro-Mediterranean Network for Cooperation.

Monday 27th June the President of Ninawa Governorate Council and Representatives of the Municipality of Mosul will make their first official visit to Brussels together with Kurdish authorities from Erbil. The high-level meeting takes place in the framework of “Key People“, a EU-funded project run by MEDITER.

Key People” wishes to promote social inclusion by supporting female leadership in institutions, local enterprises and NGOs and adequately respond to the risks of economic, political and cultural marginalisation of Northern Iraq. Started in Spring 2014, the project has gone through significant transformations since then.

Victor Matteucci, President of MEDITER: “When ISIS seized control of Mosul we had to start again from scratch. We moved to Erbil, where we reconceived every single project activity“. Two years later, Iraqi representatives, university professors and women leaders will have the chance to liaise directly with institutions and civil society in the heart of Europe. “This is a decisive step to break the isolation from the wider world and establish frutiful political, cultural and economic links“.

On Monday the delegation will visit the local entrepreneurial centrer Centre Dansaert and meet Ms Jodogne, State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for Foreign Trade. On Tuesday, an international Round Table will be held at the European Parliament: “The European Union and the Iraq Crisis: Bridges or Walls?”. Among the speakers, MEPs Costa, Kouloglou and Becerra, UNDP and DEVCO officials.

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