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  1. Press pack “Enhancing growth and shared prosperitncing growth and shared prosperity”
  2. Strengthening dialogue with Civil Society: report outlines Brussels Forum outcomes and conclusions
  3. The new edition of “IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2013″
  4. Euromed Youth: a publication on youth work in Palestine
  5. “The economic and social situation of women in the Euromed region”, a report by the EESC
  6. ILO Global Estimate of Forced Labour: 20.9 million victims
  7. EU Commission – 3rd Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum (2011)
  8. Egypt 2011: EU progress reports highlights year of profound change and daunting challenges
  9. Tunisia 2011: a radical transformation in perspectives for relations with the EU
  10. UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO, World Bank – Trends in Maternal Mortality:1990-2010
  11. Scenarios for the Mediterranean Region – World Economic Forum
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  13. Global Employment Trends for Youth 2012
  14. Frontex – Annual Risk Analysis 2012
  15. European Report on Development 2011/2012 – Towards better management of water, energy and land
  16. New Socio-Political Actors in North Africa. A Transatlantic Perspective
  17. Reversing the Vicious Circle in North Africa’s Political Economy. Confronting Rural, Urban and Youth
  18. Discrimination against women persists around the globe hampering development
  19. World Bank 2012 Report, Gender Equality & Development World Bank 2012 Report, Gender Equality & Development
  20. Report 2011 – European Development and External Assistance Policies