Project summary

IDEA-C (Inter-cultural Dimension for European Active Citizenship)

The project IDEA-C aims to restore electoral faith among EU citizens and to promote the democratic engagement and civic participation. It takes part of “Measure Networks of Towns” within the Europe for Citizens Programme.

The project was conceived considering the alarmingly low turnout rate in EU elections in some countries where voting is not compulsory and the democratic deficit it causes across Europe.

IDEA- C will address the four main causes for low electoral participation found in collaboration with the project partners:

– lack of interest and of knowledge of the democratic workings of the EU

– mistrust towards EU institutions

-lack of sense of belonging to Europe.

IDEA-C will consist of 13 local workshops organised from each partner

organization + 4 International events

The main contractor of the project is the Municipality of Geraci Siculo (Province of Palermo, Italy).

Thirteen partners take part in the project, including the network Mediter.

To see the list of events carried out within this project please CLICK HERE.