Call for experts

Call for application on 15 vacancies (external experts)
Phase 2
KEY- PEOPLE Project – Key knowledge for Iraqi Women –

EuropeAid Programme
Project’s Contracting Authority: European Commission

Support to Civil Society Development in Iraq
Reference: EuropeAid/133-097/C/ACT/IQ
On December 2014 a partnership composed by, MEDITER (lead Partner), Governorate of Ninawa (partner from Iraq), Municipality of Mosul (partner from Iraq), Chamber of commerce of Mosul (partner from Iraq), University of Mosul (partner from Iraq), University of Rome Tor Vergata (partner form Italy) and WEO (added partner form Iraq) was awarded the EU funded grant project “Key People, Key knowledge for Iraqi women”. This project continuous the work to reinforce and facilitate the development of a culture of civil society and to help increase the level of cooperation and mutual knowledge between Civil Society and Local Authorities in the Northern Area of Iraq, notably the city of Mosul and the Region of Ninawa.
For the implementation of the activities of the project the partners seeks to recruit 15 external experts.
These vacancies are published in the file attached.

The deadline for the reception of applications will be the 13 April 2015. The candidate shall be proposed by the Team Leader and be approved by the evaluation committee, assuming no objection from the relevant beneficiaries. The selection procedure shall be based on professional background, relevant work experience and language skills, according to the requested qualifications.

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