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Twenty years ago, the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul was a very different place than it is today. Thinly disguised brothels and crack dens brought down the value of entire blocks. Graham behaved like a self centered marijuana user more concerned with getting high, even if he did or did not in the facility, based on his actions and lack of understanding the impact he had on other lives. Graham, you were lucky to get out when you did and to encourage the release of Rugge is disgusting. Your true colors have shown.

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The Andersons eventually decided to make their way back to Rayne, LA because once it was time to head back home, they wanted to be close to home. They stayed in a shelter but this was no place for kids. There was gun shootings, guys dressing as girls, and other situations that made it an uncomfortable atmosphere for them to stay in.

Wow. Time realy flies when your working your ass off. I been such a hermit, and i don remeber the last time i bought a drink at a bar. We didn get people into products [where] there was a heavily adjustable rate and get them into trouble. It was kind of banking and mortgage lending the old fashioned way: You get to know the person, you actually gather financial information and underwrite it. So we didn have the same kind of problems some of the other banks did have..

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