“Revolution vs Revolution”, a collective thematic exhibition hosted by the Beirut Art Center

The “Beirut Art Center” organize an exhibition exploring other junctures from the last fifty years that have led to radical changes, such as revolutions, the rise and fall of regimes and ideologies, as well as social and political movements whose effects were felt around the world and to this day. This includes important movements like the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the dissolution of the Soviet Union and fall of Communism in Europe, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the end of Apartheid, the student riots in the 60s, as well as Nasserism and the rise of Arab Nationalism.
The aim of the exhibition is to reflect on radical movements and transformations, the context in which they have taken place, as well as their legacy, and more specifically, their resonance in our region today. The exhibition will present a selection of artworks whose significance is at once the historical aspect, and the artistic response to a time of political change.

The exhibition is open till March 30ty and it is accompanied by a series of screenings, lectures and roundtables with the aim of extending reflection on these historical events and reflecting on their present impact. Other events will be dedicated to discussing and reflecting on the actual situation in the Arab world.
The Beirut Art Center is in Jisr el Wati. Building 13, Street 97, Zone 66 Adlieh. It is open from Monday to Saturday 12:00pm – 8:00pm
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