Being a member

Members have access to:

– Organization of training sessions in particular for active women in the
local authorities, associations and NGOs in the Euro-Mediterranean region;

– Organization of events which can contribute to create synergies between different stakeholders from different universes, in order to help to reduce sexist prejudice and strengthen the exchange of ideas and good practices;

– A constant training activity / information through various channels, in order to insure the sharing of all knowledge and useful information;

– Encouragement to the creation of international partnerships and the participation into some European Union calls for proposals and into other national / international institutions related to the statutory subject;

– Organization of any other event or activity (lecture, discussion, seminar, workshop, etc.)
which can contribute directly or indirectly to the achievement of non-profit objectives, including, in the limits allowed by law, through business and lucrative accessories, of which the product will be fully devoted to the realization non-profit objectives.