What we do

MEDITER, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation Network, aims to establish and consolidate an innovation and experimentation process within the cooperation North / South – South / North is seen as a strategic factor for development and peace.

It strives to have a double impact: from one side on the EU institutions and secondly, on populations (especially young women) of Mediterranean countries. MEDITER aims to build a new local leadership in the Mediterranean region. MEDITER promotes the strategic role of human resources by linking cultures, knowledge and skills. It also aims to boost cultural exchanges between the countries bordering the Mediterranean, based on their common cultural heritage. It allows synergies between local and global.

It reinforces the construction of a regional identity, supports a dialectical relationship between Europe and Mediterranean, working with all cultures of the Mediterranean region for the opening and international exchange.

In this context, MEDITER acts to encourage the development of cooperation relations between the Mediterranean countries with the conviction that such relations are a priority for the development of a common horizon of civilization. That’s why MEDITER solicits for membership, the local authorities, NGOs, foundations, universities, small businesses and nonprofit organizations in general, whether local or international.