theater goers and passers by

He outright refuses to put pressure, he just fucking refuses and it getting them killed EVERY FUCKING GAME! The offense played a complete game, why the fuck can the coaching on the defense get on the same page?Wasn’t pretty at all times but we finally closed out a game. We’re gonna need at the very least 6 2 with wins over the Skins and Dallas to make the playoffs happen, and then maybe a little help. I’m confident that’s doable, but a loss today would’ve just about closed the book on 2018 so it’s good to still have hope.Wentz settled down after a rough start and played very well the rest of the game.

However, most of Tony’s regulars wished that the parlor had something else to offer, other than ice cream concoctions. Hence, the small nondescript store started offering sandwiches, fries and fried chicken, which started to attract the attention of other tired and hungry shoppers, movie theater goers and passers by. The word fastfood was still unheard of at that time, but it was what the small store had to offer at affordable prices..

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