World of a Woman Conference 2015

If you are pursuing an entrepreneurship path, a corporate life, a political career or simply you wish to be a Woman of the future, who is inspired and motivated to take lead of her life, maximize potential, discover unleashed capabilities and put dreams into action, WWC should be the date to remember in women’s calendars both in Egypt and across the globe. The 2 day Conference features, 3 extended panels’, 5 round table workshops and 10 focused mini-seminars in topics of interest to women which includes Womaneurship, Self-Empowerment, Education, Womenomics, Life/Work balance among other relevant topics of interest. This conference promises to be one of the most exciting, and glorious events for women serving the globe.



  • Empowered to Excel “Seizing Support”
  • Finding my way to the board room
  • Creating Unconventional business model relaying on personal talent
  • Building Women “Focused Finance to Maximize Women economics

      Personal Devalopment

  • Women| Rise Up,  Speak Out, Do It
  • Brand yourself,  business, career and life
  • Managing Business, Family and Life
  • Journey in search of my passion
  • The Fear of taking a Leap
  • WORK / LIFE balance is it possible or a myth?


  • Reveal the spark that inspires innovation
  • Developing a new generation of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Women Entrepreneurs where we are and where we should be?
  • Turning your passion into profit “The winning mind set”
  • Finding ambitious entrepreneurs

       Governement & NGO’s

  • Governments’ Role in developing and supporting Women Entrepreneurs

The role of the UN in helping entrepreneurs all over the world

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