About us


The birth of Mediter network has taken place with the projects – EuropeAid – Women For Change.

The countries participating in MEDITER Women for Change project are: ITALY, FRANCE, MALTA, TUNISIA, LEBANON.

The partners to the MEDITER Women for Change project are: IRIS Provincia di Pescara (lead-partner), GRAIF, CAWTAR , SAFADI Foundation.

The Network MEDITER – Euro-mediterranena Network for the cooperation – AISBL has been funded in January 2011.ÂÂ

Office in Belgium: A 1000 Bruxelles, Rond-point Robert Schuman 9

Office in Lebanon: Solid Office, Bourj Alghazal Building, 9éme étage, Fouad Shehab Street – Archrafieh – Beyrouth p.o. Box 16-7187

The organization is working with a general assembly, key experts and the board of directors.

The board of directors is composed by:

Victor Matteucci – victor.matteucci@euromediter.eu

Italie – President

Riad Alameddine – riad.alameddine@euromediter.eu

SAFADI Fondation Liban, Vice-president, head of  Beyrouth and Middle-East region office
FWE Malte, Tresuarer, in charge of administration and budget

Soukeina Bouraoui – soukeina.bouraoui@euromediter.eu

Cawtar Tunisie consultant for the Mashrek region

Anna Maria Darmanin – annamaria.darmanin@euromediter.eu

FWE Malta, consultant for the European Institutions relations

Maria Paola Napoleone – mariapaola.napoleone@euromediter.eu

IRIS Italie, consultant for the European Institutions relations

Christine Rue – christine.rue@euromediter.eu

GRAIF France, consultant manager for communication, development and innovation

Samira Baghdadi – samira.baghdadi@euromediter.eu

SAFADI Fondation Liban, consultant manager for training

Marie-Odile Dupon – marieodile.dupon@euromediter.eu

GRAIF France, consultant manager for training

Boutheina Gribaa – boutheina.gribaa@euromediter.eu

Cawtar Foundation Tunisie, Manager for studies and research

Network Members