EBRD : promotion of Jordanian women empowerment through economic projects

On 29 of December 2015, the EBRD presented a video on its work to promote women entrepreneurs in Jordan. The Bank is involved with the “Jordanian Microfund for Women” to provide finance to women entrepreneurs and to encourage more women to become an active part of Jordan’s growing economy.

Among several examples, the video tells the story of Raeda Jaryan, who has benefited from the support of the Multi-Donor Account South and East Mediterranean (SEMED) Media Microfund for Women, which is an EBRD programme. Thanks to microfund, she supports her daughters to go to university. Ms Jaryan produces weaving baskets out of the dried leaves of banana plants that grow in the Jordan Valley. With the EBRD’s support, she turned her hobby into a business. An initial loan of only JOD 400 (approximately US$ 550) helped her to buy supplies, set up her business and take her economic future into her own hands.